Scott Plays Charades at Occoquan Town Hall

… But perhaps everyone was in on the game. There were maybe a handful of constituents present at the event who weren’t either related to or affiliated with Scott Surovell and his campaign. I’ll let his opening statements say it all:

A constituent asked about the debates and when there was going to be a real debate between Scott Surovell and Jerry Foreman. Surovell’s answer that there was only one debate scheduled was completely squashed by Bill Card and Shannon Duffy so Surovell appeared again to be ill-informed at best; a liar at worst. At least he admitted the purpose of the gathering: “now having said that, I’m gonna talk about myself. I’m gonna talk about myself and what I’d – what I’d like to do.” Yes, Surovell paid $200 to reserve Occoquan Town Hall to talk about himself. There never was going to be a debate and he knew this full well. This was nothing more than a stunt to puff himself up and attempt to tear Jerry Foreman down:

Mt. Vernon Voice article, August 25

Foreman Response to Surovell, August 12

Jerry Foreman’s August 26 letter

Potomac Local: No debate between Foreman, Surovell

Many of the topics broached were the usual fare for Surovell but I was particularly disgusted with him for using the WDBJ shooting to make political commentary on gun control. Mr. Surovell, couldn’t you at least respect the families enough to let them grieve before you go screaming for magazine clip limits and more restrictions? His joke about loaded shotguns in D.C. traffic was in poor taste. Ken Cuccinelli’s response to the brazen early morning killing on Facebook was classy and provides a fine example of how to conduct oneself in the midst of tragedy:

“In light of the horrific tragedy involving Roanoke-based reporter Alison Parker, cameraman Adam Ward, and interviewee Vicki Gardner, I extend my deepest and most heartfelt condolences to the victims’ families. My thoughts and prayers will be with them during the difficult days ahead. May the memories of the lives lost in this senseless act of violence be forever remembered.”

I’d also like to know why Scott is so against photo ID requirement for voting, calling it a “poll tax” and an “undue burden.” He said that voter fraud in Virginia is “0%.” I beg to differ, Mr. Surovell. These articles from the Washington Post and point to the multiple instances that prompted referral to law enforcement — 17 of them were in Fairfax! You’d think Scott Surovell would take care to fact-check his rhetoric before he addresses the public. Riddle me this: Scott said he advocates for stripping photo ID requirements because voting is a Constitutional right (true) and he claimed that the law marginalizes the elderly, economically disadvantaged, and minorities. If he wants to do away with photo ID for voting in Virginia, why not remove the requirements for these:

1. Purchase alcohol
2. Open a bank account
3. Apply for food stamps
4. Apply for Medicaid
5. Apply for a job
6. Apply for unemployment
7. Rent or buy a house
8. Rent, Buy, or Drive a vehicle
9. Rent a hotel room
10. Get married
11. Purchase a firearm (Constitutional right)
12. Hold a protest (also a Constitutional right)
13. Donate blood
14. Get on an airplane

Oh right, because that would be irresponsible. Silly Surovell! The state legislature allocated $200,000 per year from fiscal year 2015 to 2017 for providing voters with a free photo ID if they do not already possess an acceptable form of identification.

My favorite part is when I decided to join in the question party and confronted Scott with a question that meant a lot to me as a Prince William County resident: I asked him to explain why he and his fellow Democrat candidates left Ginn Park a mess after the fish fry party last Saturday (see the mess here). Mr. Surovell went to Ginn Park in Dumfries for a political event with Dumfries Vice-Mayor William Toney, Councilman Derrick Wood, and Councilwoman Helen Reynolds in support of Andrea Bailey’s campaign for Potomac Supervisor. In the aftermath, there were chip bags, water bottles, and campaign literature all over the place and full trash bags left on a picnic table. There was more behind the basketball court (bags full of beer bottles). That is disgusting and completely disrespectful toward the town, the people who maintain the park grounds, and to the people who actually live here and use the park! He completely threw Andrea Bailey and fellow Dems under the bus, too, but shifting the blame is something that seems to be typical in the Surovell playbook (watch here). What’s more is that he served as executive editor of the Virginia Journal of Environmental Law and has received awards and endorsements from the Sierra Club and Virginia League of Conservation Voters. A litterbug conservationist? That’s an oxymoron if I’ve ever seen one. I contacted Bailey’s campaign and they said they took the high road and paid the fine levied by the Town of Dumfries for the litter.

That face you make when you know you’re busted.

This is the kind of feckless behavior that you can expect from Scott Surovell if he is elected to state senate. This immaturity and deception is not becoming of a grown man and definitely not of a man wishing to represent us in Richmond.

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