Surovell Campaign’s Bully Tactics

Scott Surovell is running scared. After the recent shock poll from Harper Polling, he hired known Internet troll Ben Tribbett for his campaign team. Tribbett has quite a reputation and I’m actually very confused as to why Delegate Surovell would align himself with someone of his low caliber. He was hired by the Washington Redskins to defend them against the onslaught of protests against the team’s nickname. He resigned after some distasteful tweets of his (which are still live today) on his Twitter account (@notlarrysabato) reared their ugly heads:

tribbett1 tribbett2 tribbett3

Though this isn’t off the course of expectation for the likes of Tribbett the Troll, one would think that even he would have the minimum amount of tact required to remove the offending tweets. Hint: racism isn’t a good look on anyone, Benny. Just ask Hulk Hogan.

Of course, Mr. Tribbett seems to be perfectly capable of throwing turds like the best of them but he can’t take it when they get thrown back. Foreman campaign manager Shannon Duffy called it how she saw it: Ben Tribbett is a bully (perhaps a bully for hire). Instead of trying to work with Mrs. Duffy, Mr. Tribbett resorted to arrogance. See the official press release and the e-mail exchange below:
Foreman Deeply Disappointed in Surovell's Debate Approach, 8-6 FINAL-0Foreman Deeply Disappointed in Surovell's Debate Approach, 8-6 FINAL-1 Foreman Deeply Disappointed in Surovell's Debate Approach, 8-6 FINAL-2

Mayor Foreman made it pretty clear in his previous statement that he would gladly debate Scott Surovell every weekend of September and October. It’s evident by the e-mails and press releases over the past two weeks that Surovell’s camp is more interested in playing this out in the media instead of moving forward with planning the debates with meaningful and civil adult discussion. Jerry, on the other hand, has handled the shenanigans with class.

Of course, Mr. Tribbett couldn’t be like Elsa and “let it go.” He took his lies and incendiary commentary to Facebook:




Mr. Tribbett’s behavior is nothing short of juvenile and he doesn’t seem to think before he types. He accused Shannon Duffy of having other people write her material for her, but, despite the fact that he knows how to dig around in the file properties (why was he doing that in the first place), he clearly knows nothing about the file data stored by Microsoft products. Whenever someone installs and registers Microsoft Office (or any other Microsoft product), the program is tagged with the name they enter. It does not matter who uses the program after it’s registered; the original registrant’s name will show up in the embedded data. Someone’s name in the “author” value in the details tab of a document file does not explicitly mean that person wrote it.

Here’s a nice example:

exampleI created a file on Microsoft Excel at work and sent it to myself to finish at home. My name is not Milton and I did not create the file in 2013.
In short, it appears that Ben Tribbett is just an angry little man in need of a hug. As for Delegate Surovell, he has made a highly questionable — and quite possibly desperate — choice in staffing and just goes to prove that he is up against the ropes and will do anything to rattle the Foreman campaign.

All this blogger can say is this: it will be gratifying to see Jerry Foreman win in November.

One thought on “Surovell Campaign’s Bully Tactics

  1. 1 Scott was smart enough not to say “his campaign” would work this; he can blame someone.
    2. Scott has not faced a serious opponent before in his election campaigns, and may be unwilling to admit he doesn’t know how.
    3. While Scott would be unlikely to be quite as rude, the sense of arrogance shown by Triblett is familiar.

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