Exclusive: Virginia Senate District 36 Candidate Jerry Foreman Criticizes Scott Surovell’s “Strikeforce”

Dumfries Mayor Foreman didn’t pull any punches on Surovell’s ridiculous “strike force” shtick. Scott Surovell has been a delegate since January 2010 but there hasn’t been much improvement along the Rt. 1 corridor — suddenly he becomes the champion of Route 1? Something I learned from Delegate Scott Lingamfelter is that we don’t need champions, we need leaders. Indeed, we need doers not people who make fluffy pseudo-campaigns. Sorry, Scott, but this is just shameful.

See what Jerry Foreman had to say about Surovell’s “Route 1 Strike Force”:


“During my door-to-door campaigning this summer, I have spoken with and listened to literally thousands of residents across Prince William, Fairfax and Stafford Counties, and the frustration surrounding the lack of substantial progress with Route 1 improvements is abundantly clear,” said Mayor Foreman, a Commissioner on both the Northern Virginia Regional Commission and the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority. “Commuters and business owners along the Route 1 corridor are tired of sitting in traffic and watching their businesses suffer while their tax dollars fun more studies and Richmond politicians like Scott Surovell hold self-congratulatory press conference filled with empty rhetoric. People want to see results with construction and congestion relief. Period. End of story,” said Foreman. “This cuts across political party, gender, race and ethnicity; it’s a universal feeling out there and it’s palpable.”
“That’s why as Mayor of Dumfries, I have been a leading voice in support of HB-2 (Funding the Right Transportation Projects), HB-599 (Transportation – Long Range Planning) and HB-2313 (Transportation – Revenues and Appropriations) and of a cohesive, Non-Partisan, regional approach to improving the Route 1 corridor, as well as a supporter of high-speed commuter trains to ease traffic congestion,” added Foreman. “As Senator, I will make this one of my highest priorities.” “For Delegate Surovell to fail so miserably on Route 1 improvements in Richmond, and then think it’s a good idea to exploit Route 1 as a campaign gimmick shows how truly tone deaf he is on this issue. Perhaps if Delegate Surovell actually put as much time into improving Route 1 as an elected official as he does conjuring up tone deaf slogans about it as a politician, maybe we’d be making more substantial progress,” concluded Foreman.

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