Foreman vs. Surovell: VA-36 Race is Heating Up

We are officially 98 days away from Election Day so the campaigns are chugging full steam ahead into November. Virginia’s 36th senate district is heating up and while Scott Surovell is on vacation, Jerry Foreman is working hard and gaining momentum.

Harper Polling, a national polling company that survey’s public attitudes and opinions on candidates, released their poll report on the VA-36 race. The results show that the race is very close and it won’t be a cakewalk for either candidate. Those numbers are also somewhat surprising considering the heavy Democrat support in the district but not so much when you consider that, as a Republican, Jerry has been re-elected as Mayor of Dumfries, which has been predominantly Democratic (residents voted 218-459 in favor of Mark Warner over Ed Gillespie in the 2014 election).

On July 27, Surovell released a press statement to the Mount Vernon Voice not only criticizing Foreman but also calling for a series of six debates with him.

The Mount Vernon Voice contacted Jerry Foreman’s campaign about the debates and this is what he had to say:


JULY 28, 2015



Dumfries, July 28, 2015 – 

“It is disappointing Delegate Surovell would take the bizarre step of challenging me to debates through a press release, rather than just picking up the phone and calling me.  The reality is in over 20 years as a career insider and politician, Delegate Surovell has proven he likes to talk about problems, but he’s not so good at actually solving them.  From the lack of Route 1 improvements to our flat-lined state economy, Delegate Surovell hasn’t gotten the job done.  I very much look forward to debating Delegate Surovell, and frankly, I am willing to go beyond his offer of six debates, and hold one every week in September and October if he’s willing.  The more voters can compare my record as Mayor of Dumfries to his as Delegate, the better.  

Therefore, I suggest Delegate Surovell’s campaign staff contacts my Campaign Manager Shannon Duffy to begin a friendly discussion on dates, locations and formats that will provide residents and business owners across the district an opportunity to discuss the issues important to them and their families.”

Jerry Foreman delivered a strong response to Scott Surovell’s challenge and I absolutely agree — the more voters get to hear from Jerry and compare his record to Scott’s, the better!

I’ll make sure to follow up on this post with the debate dates and locations as they become available. 

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