Exclusive: Virginia Senate District 36 Candidate Jerry Foreman Criticizes Scott Surovell’s “Strikeforce”

Dumfries Mayor Foreman didn’t pull any punches on Surovell’s ridiculous “strike force” shtick. Scott Surovell has been a delegate since January 2010 but there hasn’t been much improvement along the Rt. 1 corridor — suddenly he becomes the champion of Route 1? Something I learned from Delegate Scott Lingamfelter is that we don’t need champions, we need leaders. Indeed, we need doers not people who make fluffy pseudo-campaigns. Sorry, Scott, but this is just shameful.

See what Jerry Foreman had to say about Surovell’s “Route 1 Strike Force”:

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Foreman vs. Surovell: VA-36 Race is Heating Up

We are officially 98 days away from Election Day so the campaigns are chugging full steam ahead into November. Virginia’s 36th senate district is heating up and while Scott Surovell is on vacation, Jerry Foreman is working hard and gaining momentum.

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