The Fate of the Ferlazzo Site


As many of you are already aware, there has been some serious turmoil over the site of a new school. The site was originally slated as a community-based neighborhood school as part of a new development being built. However, Porter Traditional School was told by staff in January to notify parents that they would be moving into the space instead. This drew understandable ire from the community and the community spoke up — loudly. It appears that the efforts to make the county keep its promise have been heard. Coles District Supervisor Marty Nohe just posted in Our Schools‘ Facebook page:

I am writing today with what I suspect will come as good news to you and the many other families who have been advocating for your neighborhood school. Just this minute, I received a copy of a letter from the School Superintendent letting the Board of County Supervisors know that, after hearing from the many parents and neighbors who advocated so effectively on behalf of our community, he has decided to change his recommendation to the School Board and NOT build the Porter Traditional School at the site at the corner of Spriggs and Minnieville Roads, commonly referred to as the “Ferlazzo Site”. Rather, the School Board will be pursuing a community-based neighborhood school at this site as was originally planned, and as our community has been demanding.

I have been working closely with other members of the Board of County Supervisors, as well as members of the School Board and the Superintendent’s staff to bring this issue to a final conclusion prior to adoption of the County Budget later this evening. I am very grateful to the many parents and neighbors who have fought so hard to make this happen. I could not possibly have made the case for ensuring that the Ferlazzo Property serve the children for whom it was given without everyone’s passion and support. This is truly an example of citizen activists working with elected officials to ensure that the best community outcome prevails. It is outcomes like this that make me proud to serve the Coles District, and I am very grateful for everyone’s efforts.

When the Board of County Supervisors adopts our County/Schools budget this evening, it is my expectation that the Board will incorporate language into the resolution approving the Capital Improvement Plan which codifies this decision by the School Board.

I cannot thank the community enough for your incredible efforts on behalf of our kids and our neighborhood! This is truly great news!

This is great news indeed. I’m definitely interested in seeing how things go with tonight’s BOCS meeting and tomorrow’s school board meeting.

Update: Per Coles District Supervisor Marty Nohe, “The Board included a commitment to build a new community-based elementary school at the “Ferlazzo Property” in the Coles District, and to work directly with our School Board to find additional new school sites to reduce our use of trailers as classrooms.”

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