From The Candidates: “Why Should You Vote For Me?”

We are just a few short days from what has got to be one of the biggest Republican firehouse primaries in recent memory here in Prince William County with six nominations being decided on Saturday, April 25: Clerk of Court, Sheriff, Chairman of the Board of County Supervisors, Coles District Supervisor, Occoquan District Supervisor, and Woodbridge District Supervisor. I reached out to all twelve candidates running for these positions and asked them to provide me with a brief 1-2 sentence statement on why you, the voters, should choose them to be the Republican nominee on Saturday. I got some excellent responses!


Michele McQuigg: “I cut the budget by 27% while increasing customer service and efficiency. I reduced the average processing time of concealed carry permits from 6+ weeks to 1 week.I am also the only Republican Clerk to stand up for our Constitution and marriage.”

Austin Haynes
: “I bring a professional businessman’s perspective to the job, not that of a professional politician. Proper planning and budgeting and a greater use of technology will allow us to provide better customer service while protecting taxpayer dollars.”


Corey Stewart:
 “I am proud of my record of fighting for the taxpayers of Prince William County. During my tenure as Chairman, I have cut spending, made it easier to start or expand a business, and focused government resources on core priorities: transportation, education, and public safety. I am asking people to support me this Saturday so I can continue leading Prince William County in the right direction.”

Chris Crawford:
 “People should vote for me because our county is not on the right track and needs a leader who can deliver results. I will lower taxes by prioritizing our budget and eliminating wasteful spending, slow down out-of-control residential development which has led to over-crowding in our schools, and make economic development a priority. I am bringing a no-games/no-nonsense style of leadership to the board and I have a proven track record of success in my 16 year professional career.”


Sheriff Glen Hill:
 “When I was elected Sheriff I promised voters I would bring a new era of cooperation and public accountability to the Sheriff’s Office. I am seeking my fourth term because, under my leadership, the Prince William County Sheriff’s Office is now among the most respected and productive law enforcement agency in the Commonwealth of Virginia.”

Mike Messier:
 “I have many plans to restore a positive mindset back to the sheriff’s office and increase the morale of the deputies. The goals I have set are challenging, but obtainable and when achieved will bring a fresh look to the sheriff’s office. Like many citizens, I am proud of the service the men and women of the Prince William County Sheriff’s Office provide to our communities and I will do everything possible to enhance their ability to improve and expand those services through training, education, and leadership. I am dedicated to making the Prince William County Sheriff’s Office the very best and I am confident the deputies will be as proud as I am to be part of a fresh new vision to protect the citizens of Prince William County, Virginia.”


Marty Nohe: “As Coles District Supervisor, I have dedicated myself to ensuring that Prince William County continue to be a great place to live, work, and raise a family. By providing leadership in improving transportation, working to expand our commercial tax base, and fighting for our schools, I am proud to have made a positive difference for our community. I hope that the voters of the Coles District are pleased with the work we have done and will allow me to lead for another four years.”

Paul O’Meara: “I am from Prince William County born and raised and have a deep love for our County. Raising a family and operating a small business has afforded me the opportunity to observe many changes within the last decade. Each year our taxes rise, our roads seem a little more crowded and our classrooms have now grown to the most overcrowded state-wide. As the next Coles District Supervisor I will fight for taxpayers everyday, work tirelessly to bring living wage jobs here to the County and work with the School Board to assure precious tax dollars go directly to the classrooms, not for unnecessary amenities such as an olympic size pool.”


Ruth Anderson
: “I served for 20+ years as a senior Air Force officer and commander, followed by leadership positions in global humanitarian missions, the NoVA business community, and volunteer organizations in Prince William County. I now wish to continue my lifelong service to my community and neighbors. As Occoquan Supervisor, one of my top priorities will be to protect the hardworking families and taxpayers who call Prince William County home.”

I have not received a statement from Don Scoggins at the time of publication but will update this post when I receive a response.


Steve Chapman: “Woodbridge has many undeniable issues that have worsened the last few years: Traffic congestion, overcrowded schools, blight and litter along route 1 and increased crime in certain parts. Its a fractured community that with the right leadership we can increase civic engagement and restore the Woodbridge pride.”

Lee Price: “Prior small business owner (landscaping/remodeling) .. nominated to San Antonio City Chamber of Commerce in 1979.

Recently retired with 33 Years Federal Civil Service, 31 years in the Information Technology field, 20 years senior level manger working/overseeing multi-million dollar projects, programs, budgets, contracts and acquisition, etc.  Received numerous awards. Served last year in the Pentagon.

Lived in Northern Virginia total approx. 9 years, the last 6+ years living in Woodbridge. My wife (Mariko) and I adopted a little girl from Russia in 2011. We believe in strong Family Values. We believe that a strong family helps create a strong communities and strong communities help to make a strong nation and strong nations help to make a strong and safe world. Children need to grow up in a stable family to become stable, healthy, happy and successful citizens.

Last 5 years (two terms) I have served on the Master HOA for Potomac Club (1240 home mixed use gated community across from the Woodbridge Town Center) and serving the last two years as President and Vice President prior to that. During this time managed a $2.1 million annual budget and have completed numerous amenity projects and capital improvements all without raising one cent of HOA dues .. and even further saw excess funds left over that were invested in laddered approach year upon year. Potomac Club residents are very happy and morale continues to improve.

Last 2 1/2 years I have spent serving as VP of Business Operations for GINIA Inc., a small Northern Virginia based IT Management Consulting firm .. helping it grow from 5 to 50 during this time.

A year and half ago, my wife and I obtained our Realtor licenses and became agents with Berkshire Hathaway. My wife and I are property owners as well.

I am an Eagle Scout, active in church and a former church deacon (20 years) running a blood drive ..  and through this effort became a 9 gallon blood donor. I am a people person and a natural facilitator.

I am not a politician, nor do I want to be. I was personally asked to run for County Supervisor to provide an alternative to our current leadership which has promoted tax increase upon tax increase year upon year, while the quality of life (in Woodbridge ) continues to deteriorate.

Woodbridge is in a mess and I feel I have the background, experience and personality to be able to step in (hit the ground running) and begin improving things. It begins with lowering taxes and working with government to become more efficient. Since I performed this mission while working as a Civil Servant, this is not difficult. Following this, we will then need to begin focusing on improving core services such as schools, emergency responders, roads/traffic, route one corridor and incentivizing businesses to grow. Also we need to control development in such a way that our infrastructure that supports these core services can be allowed to start catching up.

Once we begin solving these issues, morale will then begin to improve within Woodbridge. As these things (mentioned above) begin to improve, people will begin noticing that Woodbridge is a beautiful place to live and raise their families, and will begin considering a move here; shifting the Supply Demand curve (people to homes) . Once the Supply Demand  curve begins to shift, true home values then will begin to move upwards, etc., etc ..

This will be what I will immediately begin targeting and working on if elected.”

Don’t forget to check out my PWC Republican Party Canvass Primer so you can go to the (correct) polls fully informed and ready to vote. I truly hope for the best for everyone running this year and I hope we can all get behind our nominees, regardless of who we support in the primary, so we can have a decisive and collective victory on Election Day.


Questions of comments? Leave a comment for me below or e-mail me at! Be sure to share this on Twitter and Facebook so other PWC voters can see, too! Until next time!

Updated: 6:25PM, Thursday, April 23, 2015

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